7 Legacies eBook

Each legacy is designed to lead you on a deep journey of self exploration that sparks your internal flame to awaken and flourish, as well as to highlight important ingredients and foundational milestones for embodying and manifesting A New Earth Movement. 

This body of wisdom is intended for all those who are:

  • Seeking Personal Freedom

  • Desiring Sacred Union with the Divine

  • Wanting to Develop or Strengthen a proper relationship with All Creation

Let's Join Together

Through your active and conscious participation in this eBook, we join together on a new frequency and align and uplift ourselves and humanity into an advanced level of consciousness for the betterment of All of Creation, especially for our children, and the future of our planet, for many generations to come.

Here's What You'll Get

Deep insights and downloads that are intently choreographed together in an inspirational read to augment your growth and development along the transformational journey of your soul.  

A Doorway into the Mysteries of the Mother

Initiatory pathways into the mysteries of the Divine Mother & the Rosary Project

A Guide for our Future Generations

Where the Children and the Youth's Original Blueprint and True-Nature are Nurtured into their Full Fruition 

Reclaiming the Divine Masculine

Reclaim the True Essence of the Masculine through finding Spirit, Purpose and Service 

Evolution of Consciousness

Ancient Wisdom teachings and tools for Deep Transformation and Personal Freedom

Restoration of the Divine Feminine

Where Women Restore and Immerse in the Sacred Feminine Principle

The Power of Prayer in Action

Intent made Manifest through Power Objects and Alchemical Companions 

The Ultimate Foundation

Alchemical Teachings and Pathways to Love: The Highest Universal Principle 

What People Say

We're honored to share a few words from our community!

In the last two years I have made more progress in my life with ease than I did struggling for ten years

with programs and institution. 

Shaun Sweeny

The depth and breadth of Tudor's knowledge of multiple spiritual and healing arts is matched only by his heart and commitment. 


I see Nina Palmieri and A New Earth Movement as truly transformational catalysts for the emergence of a

new consciousness on the planet.

Priya Beate Laasch


Transform your life 


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